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11 March 2024

Press Release: UK charity ļֱ partners with World Food Programme to provide a million ‘Ramadan Kareem’ hot meals in Gaza.

Press Release: UK charity ļֱ partners with World Food Programme to provide a million ‘Ramadan Kareem’ hot meals in Gaza.

UK charity ļֱ is partnering with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to provide a million ‘Ramadan Kareem’ hot meals in Gaza. Since 7th October, nearly 2.3 million people in Gaza have been displaced. Hunger has reached catastrophic levels in the north, where children are dying of hunger-related diseases and suffering severe levels of malnutrition.

During the holy month of Ramadan, WFP aims to scale up its daily distribution of daily hot meals from 200,000 to 500,000, with the support of partners such as ļֱ. These hot meals will prioritise households with vulnerable family members and reach those residing in overcrowded shelter and camps, where cooking facilities are limited. Special emphasis will be placed on scaling up meal distributions in the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, where nine out of ten Palestinians are eating less than one meal a day and struggling to find clean, drinkable water.

WFP’s emergency food assistance is critical, providing a lifeline to thousands of the most vulnerable, including women, children, the elderly and those with disabilities. Through a community-based approach, various international organisations have come together to help community kitchens and women cooperatives source food commodities such as pulses, pasta, rice and vegetables to prepare hot meals. The hot nutritious meals are distributed daily across the Gaza strip, providing a source of hope to those with limited access to cooking facilities and equipment, which has made the ability to feed their families extremely difficult.  

Richard Wilcox, Director of Private Partnerships at WFP, said: ‘Families across Gaza are facing catastrophic levels of hunger. Half of them have now completely exhausted their food supplies – parents are simply unable to feed their children. Meanwhile, most people have left or lost their homes due to the conflict. That’s why support from partners like ļֱ is critical, helping WFP scale our operations to fight hunger in Gaza and reach those in need with 500,000 daily iftar meals this Ramadan.’ 

Yasrab Shah, Fundraising Director, ļֱ, said: ‘Hope is what the people of Gaza are relying on and our Ramadan message this year ‘you are their hope’ is a reminder to our supporters that your generous donations are a lifeline. ļֱ has scaled up its Ramadan meals this year, where over two million meals will be distributed through our charity partners in Gaza alone, highlighting the drastic need. We are honoured to be working with World Food Programme this Ramadan to ensure that people in Gaza are receiving nutritious hot meals every day. We urge our donors to keep their donations coming in as it means the difference between life and death.’ 


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