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28 January 2022

We're on the Ground in Yemen

We're on the Ground in Yemen

In January, our UK team travelled across Yemen to provide the latest news from the ground and see first-hand how your donations help save lives. Scroll down for their eyewitness account.

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has devastated the people of this blessed land, with millions struggling to access food, safe water and healthcare. With your support, our team are carrying out life-saving work across the country.

Here are two ways youcan make a difference:

  • £10 can provide bread to 140 people from our bakeries in Aden, Ma'rib or Seiyun
  • £50 can provide water for life to 50 people in Ma'rib

If you'd like to see more of UK team's trip to Yemen head over to our . We are still posting photos and videos of the trip that Yasrab, Ayman, Sahirah and Caroline made across this war-torn country.

03 January 2022

Day 1 - Caroline describes the situation in Aden

04 January 2022

Day 2 - Sahirah visits a disabled centre in Aden

05 January 2022

Day 3 - Caroline at the Health Centre in Abyan

06 January 2022

Day 4 - Yasrab at the Aden Water Project


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