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22 October 2021

Building Homes in Syria: Your Donations in Action!

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The Prophet (saw) said, 'It (Shaam or Greater Syria) is Allah's best land, to which He sends His best servants'. [Abu Dawud]

Alhamdulillah, you’ve been supporting Allah’s 'best servants' for a decade, donating generously to people within Syria as well as Syrian refugees. You’ve given emergency food and essential supplies, supported schools and vocational centres, set up a bread factory, and provided medical care and winter relief.

And in the last year, you've also built 150 houses in Idlib! These shelters have rehomed displaced families who were living in makeshift shelters, protecting them from the elements. After years of living in camps, they finally have a permanent home to keep them safe.

SubhanAllah, it is truly wonderful to see all the smiles the Syrian families were giving to our team, as they welcomed them into their brand-new homes. They sent you so many du'as during this visit!

One father, Khalid, said, 'For six years, we lived in a tent that didn’t protect us from the cold or the heat. Now we have clean water, heating, a roof over our heads... May Allah bless you and increase your good deeds’.
With your support, our partner is now working to build 450 more houses in Idlib. They are levelling the ground, putting in pipes and building the foundations of these brand-new homes!
In sha Allah, every laid brick is bringing immense rewards to the workers on the ground and generous donors like yourselves, sending your Zakat and Sadaqah all the way from the UK to some of the most vulnerable families in the Ummah.
Each home is 38m² and includes two main rooms, a kitchen, a washroom and a small yard. After years of living in tents, these houses represent so much more than shelter. The house pictured above is a source of privacy and dignity, a chance for families to raise their children in safety and comfort.
And we pray that every completed home brings a family immense comfort and joy, sheltering them from the elements and giving them the chance to begin a new life, amin!

We hope you enjoyed seeing the work on the ground and the amazing impact you are making by building these homes!

As mentioned before, our partner is aiming to build 450 more homes in Syria - and you can be a part of this effort. Soon, winter will be here - and your donations can protect displaced families from its rain and bitter cold.

Each home costs £2,000 to build. You can set up a payment plan by calling us at 0115 911 7222 - or you can give any amount to the Syria Housing Fund. Every donation will help us bring relief and hope to the blessed people of Syria!

May Allah (swt) reward you for your efforts, amin!

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