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18 January 2018

Celebrating a New School of Excellence

Tijen Horoz

Alhamdulillah, ļֱ have opened a School of Excellence in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

This is a much-needed project which will improve the lives of disadvantaged communities. Every day in Bangladesh, children are denied education through poverty. For many families, schools are either too expensive or too far away for the children to reach. As a result, generations of hardworking and ambitious people are stuck in the cycle of poverty - unable to learn the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives.

But your donations are making a massive difference. For years, you have helped us empower young people by giving them an education. Throughout the world, we have set up a network of high-quality schools specifically catered to the needs of the local children. These Schools of Excellence have been achieving incredible results - thanks to the dedication of our teachers and staff and the fantastic attitude of all our students.

We are delighted that, on December 31st 2017, we held an inauguration event to celebrate the construction of ļֱ’ newest School of Excellence in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Representatives of ļֱ attended the event, led by Chairman Syed Lahkte Hassanain. Alongside chairperson Hadrat Allamah Imad Uddin Chowdhury, we were honoured to welcome many guests to this event. This included the Bangladesh Finance Minister, Mr M.A. Mannan and Sylhet Mayor Mr Ariful Haque Chowdhury.

Chairman Syed Lahkte Hassanain gave an inspirational address in front of the newly-enrolled students and dignitaries assembled in the courtyard between school buildings and took time to meet and greet the pupils who will now benefit from the completed school.

SubhanAllah, this project began when a small group of university friends raised the funds to construct the four-story primary school building. After their incredible generosity, we called out to our donors to contribute to the remainder of the work, such as building the secondary school building and buying buses to transport the children.

Your support has been overwhelming and, in only a short time, helped us raise the funds required to finish the school. This is a tremendously well-equipped school - with a computer lab and space for the pupils to play with their friends - and it will provide an environment where children can truly flourish. It is a standard of education that their families could never have hoped for - but you made it possible.

Supporting our Schools of Excellence

The Sylhet School of Excellence opened in 2017 - and you have achieved so much more since then! SubhanAllah, in 2021, you even opened a School of Excellence in war-torn Yemen, helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

Here are three ways you can continue to support this work:

We pray that you reap the rewards of this Sadaqah Jariyah for many years to come, amin.

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