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13 September 2015

Europe Refugee Crisis: Arriving at 'The Jungle'

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor
Europe Refugee Crisis: Arriving at 'The Jungle'

Our Paris based team visited the Calais refugee camped dubbed 'The Jungle' over the weekend, what they found there was shocking but at times heart warming too.

The camp is home to approximately 3500 refugees from Syria, Sudan, Eritrea, Mali, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Life in the camp is extremely difficult, they only have four toilets to share between themselves and only one source for water.

One man we met there was a refugee from Sudan named Badredine. He showed us the makeshift mosque he built outside his tent, marked by sand filled plastic bottles. When asked how life was in the camp, he could only say, "Alhamdulilah."

Through the support of grassroots group Calais Action, we have filled our Nottingham warehouse full of clothing, food and other essential items. Our plan is to now distribute this next week, on top of the donation items we have collected via our Paris office.

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