Sudan Crisis

Sudan Crisis

11 million people are displaced. Your help is needed now !

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Provide Emergency Relief in Sudan

“Destroying people's lives and violating their basic human rights” - UN

Since 15th April 2023, fighting between armed factions in Sudan has seen over 11 million people flee their homes, giving rise to the worst displacement crisis in the world. This crisis has already pushed millions into food insecurity due to national food shortages and the rapid increase in price for basic necessities.

Recently, the crisis has worsened as fighting continues to block access to food essentials, which has caused up to 17,000 children a day to go without food. At the same time, they are unable to access healthcare as 67 percent of hospitals in high risk areas have closed down.

With your support, ļֱ have been operating in Sudan since 2003. We have carried out a vast range of emergency and long-term projects, including sponsoring Sudanese orphans, building wells, constructing masjids and providing emergency relief during the 2020 floods.

By donating your Sadaqah and Zakat today, you can help us continue our vital work in Sudan and reach the most vulnerable victims of this crisis with emergency food, water and medical supplies.


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Sudan Crisis

The Crisis on the Ground

Over 15,000 people killed

11 health facilities destroyed

11 million people need emergency assistance

Syeda's Grief

Sayeda lost her husband five years ago. Until recently, she sold falafels to feed her seven children. Her rented home was hit by bullets in the ongoing violence in Sudan, causing a fire which destroyed her furniture and cooking equipment.

The constant sounds of gunfire and the lack of security has had serious effects on the family’s mental health, but with Sayeda now unemployed and reliant on handouts from neighbours, they can’t afford to flee to a safe space.

When Sayeda was asked by the ļֱ team what her hopes were for the future she said,  ‘I hope that my children receive regular food and that we remain safe.’

Donate now to help a family like Sayeda’s.

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Our Work in Sudan

Since 2003, ļֱ has:

Provided over 100,000 people with emergency relief during times of famine, war and floods

Reached over 337,500 people with water, sanitation and hygiene projects, such as installing community wells

Helped over 1,800 orphans receive an education through sponsorship

Supported families during the Covid-19 Pandemic with emergency PPE, hygiene and medical kits

Constructed masjids throughout the country, giving over 89,000 a spiritual hub to pray

Gave over 5,000 orphans and widows the opportunity to make an income through our Livelihoods Programme

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Sudan Crisis

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