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Famine Appeal

The worst drought in 40 years

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Donate to Help Victims of the Somalia Drought and Famine

‘This flood is larger than any flooding in recent memory that has ever occurred in this region’. (UN)

Since early November, heavy rains across Somalia have triggered flash flooding, killing more than 30 people, and displacing almost half a million people. This follows the flooding in early May, which displaced hundreds of thousands of people and severely damaged buildings, major roads and bridges and the country's sewage system, which has led to the contamination of water supplies.

Prior to this devastation, Somalia was experiencing their worst drought in over 40 years as hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee to Mogadishu after losing their land and livelihood to the ongoing drought.

While this drought has left 6 million people food insecure and up to 1.4 million children acutely malnourished, the recent flooding has destroyed the land and crops that remained, while also damaging irrigation systems, making future dry seasons that much harder to survive.

ļֱ been working in Somalia since 2011. With your support, we have provided food, water, healthcare and education to families affected by the devastating impact of climate change and decades of conflict.

We have been responding to the drought with food, clean water and medical care. Now, we need your help to provide emergency relief such as food parcels, blankets and hygiene kits to those affected by the floods.

At this critical time, every donation can save lives. Give now.

Explained: Drought and Displacement in Somalia

Somalia is currently facing its worst drought in 40 years.This emergency began amid an existing humanitarian crisis - millions of Somalis were suffering from climate shocks, disease outbreaks and decades of conflict, leading to widespread poverty and displacement.The latest drought has worsened an already dire situation.

This article will explaineverything you need to know about the emergency, including: the scale of the drought, the overall impact of climate change on Somalia, its famine in the context of global inflation, displacement in Somalia and its effect on women and children and, finally, our work on the ground and how you can help.

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Dahabo's Anguish

90-year-old Dahabo had to flee her home with her daughter and eleven grandchildren to survive the floods in Urahsin village, near Beledweyne.

Her family depended on farming to survive but all their crops, as well as their home were destroyed during the flood.

Now, they are homeless living in an overcrowded tent made from whatever materials they could find, which does nothing to protect them from the torrential rains or scorching heat.

Your donations will help us support vulnerable families like Dahabo and her twelve family members with lifesaving food, water and shelter.

Our work in Somalia since 2011

All thanks to your generous support

Your donations have helped over 8 million people with emergency and long-term relief.

Our orphan sponsorship scheme is giving the most disadvantaged children a quality education.

Our maternal health clinics provide mothers and their children with life-saving care.

You have so far provided nearly 6 million people in Somalia with clean water.

You have ensured over 500,000 people, including those who ahve been internally displaced, have access to healthcare.

We are helping widowed women and rural families with our livelihoods schemes.

Support families affected by drought, famine and conflict


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