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Help those affected by the earthquake

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Help Those Affected by this Disaster

A massive surge in vulnerable people returning to Afghanistan has been reported following Pakistan’s decision to expel 1.7 million refugees from the country. Each day, thousands of Afghans are crossing the border, but they don’t have any homes to return to.

This comes just weeks after three powerful (6.3 magnitude) earthquakes struck western Afghanistan causing mass destruction and leaving 114,000 people in need of humanitarian assistance, according to UN officials.

Three consecutive years of drought coupled with persistent economic decline, natural disasters and prolonged conflict has left the people of Afghanistan experiencing a devastating food and poverty crisis. Currently, 29 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance while 15.3 million people are facing food insecurity [UN].

Winter is now approaching. In this dire situation, every single donation is vital in protecting one more family. Our Motherkind clinic in Kabul is on the frontline of treating malnutrition in mothers and babies, our Tandoor Bakery in Kabul provides fresh naans daily to desperate families, our wells are providing clean water to whole villages and our orphan sponsorship programmes ensure that the most vulnerable children are receiving support.

Your donations have been helping our Afghan brothers and sisters for over two decades. We urgently need you to continue standing by them in their hour of great need.

Donate your Sadaqah and Zakat today to ensure families in Afghanistan are given the food they need to survive this crisis.

Facts on the Ground

3,000 dead

in 6.3 magnitude earthquake

22.8 million Afghans are facing acute food insecurity

Of these, 9 million people are 'knocking at famine's door'


Combating Food Insecurity: ļֱ’ Tandoor Bakery

In Afghanistan, one third of the population, 15.3 million people do not have enough food to eat. This situation is heartbreaking and is exactly why our humanitarian work on the ground is essential.  Just before Ramadan 2022, ļֱ opened our very first Tandoor bakery in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Since its launch we have been distributing hundreds of fresh naans to vulnerable people every day. The naans produced by the Tandoor bakery are a lifeline for so many. In a country where 29.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, this project has started a positive chapter in their stories.

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Motherkind: Providing healthcare for mothers in Kabul

Gul Afroz is 33 years old and mother of seven children. The Afroz family originate from Tagab (Kapisa) but were later forced to migrate to Iran due to civil unrest in the area and their poor economic situation. Now based in Poli Charkhi (Kabul), they continue to live in extreme hardship. 

Gul and her family live in a mud house and have no source of income. Gul’s husband is a drug addict and as well as having seven dependents, Gul is currently five months pregnant. The Motherkind clinic is Gul’s only option to receive free health care services.

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Our work in Afghanistan

Since 2003 ļֱ has provided:

Free health and maternity services to approximately 360,000 people

School enrolment in private and public schools for 6,500 students

Emergency relief services during disasters and seasonal projects for approximately 4,000 people

Food and non-food care packages for 15,000 people during Ramadan and winter

Safe water for daily use to around 490,000 people

Capacity building and vocational skills training to around 4,600 young men and women

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘If anyone removes his brother’s anxiety of this world, Allah will remove for him one of the anxieties of the Day of resurrection’. [Abu Dawud]

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